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Additional Courses

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Additional Classroom Courses

This class fulfills the educational requirements for all clinical and non-clinical hospital employees, emergency personnel and general staff, having direct and non-direct contact with clients within the facility, who need Violence Prevention Training and who are required to attend in order to acquire regulatory compliance. Those who simply wish to learn more about human behavior, both ours and the aggressor’s, or who desire to strengthen their ability to effectively respond to difficult people, react to potentially violent situations, defend themselves against a physical attack and feel safer and more confident within their surroundings, are also able to take the class. The training presented will instill a whole new perspective on understanding how to be and become more empowered when faced with aggressive behaviors. This training is required, for all employees who work, or have direct personal contact with clients or anyone else within a Behavioral Health setting, or an Emergency Department where the potential for aggressive or violent behavior exists. We encourage you to consult your facility’s requirements before registering. Please be advised the training will consist of a lecture and practice the physical evasive and protective maneuvers and techniques together with the attendees.