2020 AHA ALS Maternal Cardiac Arrest Module
2020 AHA ALS Maternal Cardiac Arrest Module

Maternal Cardiac Arrest (MCA) is a life-threatening event that may occur in any healthcare setting, even outside the hospital. Cardiac arrest in this population poses unique challenges to a healthcare team since there are critical actions affecting two patients. The ALS: Maternal Cardiac Arrest Module explores the why of MCA and how to treat pregnant cardiac arrest patients within a hospital.

This eLearning course features True Adaptive™ learning, where students follow a learning path personalized by their own inputs and self-reported confidence level.

After successfully completing this course, students should be able to:

• Identify current factors influencing maternal morbidity and mortality in the United States in relation to maternal cardiac arrest

• Describe how to determine a different diagnosis for maternal cardiac arrest

• Describe the relevant physiologic changes of pregnancy that impact the resuscitation of Mother and Fetus during maternal cardiac arrest

• Discuss modifications that are required in maternal resuscitation protocols

• Describe key components of the management schema for response to cardiopulmonary arrest during pregnancy

• Discuss implementation strategies for ongoing resuscitation measures when initial resuscitation strategies are unsuccessful to achieve ROSC

This self-directed module is designed for advanced healthcare providers who are seeking additional content beyond ACLS and Continuing Education (CE) credit.

The intended audiences for ALS: Maternal Cardiac Arrest are ED Physicians, NP/APNs, ED Nurses, OB Nurses, and Paramedics.


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